Terms and Conditions

This Facebook video downloader enables all the users to download, save and share the downloaded videos with other members. After downloading, members or users of this site can share or watch the downloaded videos even without internet access. Terms of this site govern the use of downloader for all the Facebook, Instagram and YouTube videos.

However, these services are not officially endorsed by Facebook. We are providing these services for all customers without any charges and registration’s restrictions. We offer the complete protection of personal information and data of all our users. Not only protect, but we also don’t sell the personal data of our users and clients to third parties.

So, you can share your personal information such as email address, name and contact number with us without any fear. We provide the complete platform for the users to report issues and errors on our site. In this way, they can interact with our team members directly to tell us about the performance gaps and other issues.

Data Privacy Policies:

With our relevant and professional data collection policies, we collect the personal data of all our users. So, we can control the access of unauthorized persons on the site. However, you can also change the privacy setting or provided data anytime by changing the login information.

Our site allows users to download and save video clips and stories from social media accounts. This all has done after checking the copyright information. In this way, access to unauthorized persons can be prohibited. Under these data privacy policies:

  • We protect the personal and private data of all our users to make sure the fulfilment of security needs and requirements.
  • Users can’t modify and copy the data to repost it
  • We don’t remove copyright notations for all kind of videos
  • Users can share or transfer the material to other users after downloading


All material or data on the Fbvideosdownloads doesn’t have any warranties, including without limitation, applicable of conditions and terms or observance of intellectual property or violation of rights. Moreover, Fbvideosdownloads doesn’t provide a guarantee to offer 100% secure, reliable, error-free material on the internet or website. Especially when the material is linked to different sites.

According to all these mentioned above terms and conditions, we are committed to offering the sustainable and full protection of personal data and information for all the users of our business and site.

Restrictions And Limitations:

Fbvideosdownloads is not responsible in the case of harm or damage due to usage of information without limitation, loss or damage of data due to the usage of Facebook video downloader pro even if the site has notified in written form in the case of such harm and damage.

It all happens due to rules and limitations that redirect the access of data to save users from severe harm due to data damage or loss. However, these limitations do not apply to public users.

Emission Of Errors:

Material on the Fbvideosdownloads.com could consist of photographic, technical and typographic errors or mistakes. This site doesn’t provide any surety of complete, accurate, credible and authentic material. We are continuously working on the upgrading and updating of this site. That’s why changes in policies and limitations can vary or modify any time even without anyone’s notice.

Doesn’t Have Any Official Endorsement:

This Fbvideosdownloads site doesn’t have any official endorsement or link with a professional website and social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. If you are using any link or material on this downloading site then you are doing it on your own risk. We are not eligible to answer queries and issues in the case of accidental data damage or loss.

Time To Time Modification:

Fbvideosdownloads is continuously working on the upgrading and updating of this site. So, the site may change patterns or policies at any time even without your notice. By agreeing our terms and conditions, you are restricted to follow the current privacy rules of this site. Moreover, general terms and conditions are also applicable to the usage of this downloading site or application.