How To Download Facebook Videos

Download your favorite Facebook videos by following the four simple steps below.

1. Find The Video

Find the Facebook video and Copy the video URL

2. Paste The Video Link

Past/Insert the URL of the video in the provided bar

3.Choose the format

Go on the formatting bar for conversion and formatting of the videos

4. Download The File

Simply click the download button to save videos

How to download FaceBook videos

 You jumped at the right place; here we are going to share step by step detail to How To Download Facebook Videos . Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks with more than 2.7 billion active user per month. And its popularity is increasing day by day. Facebook will also be the biggest video search engine behind YouTube in the next few years. This company making their algorithms more videos searches friendly.

People love and enjoy watching videos on facebook and meantime they also want to download or save into their local galleries. So later they can watch it when they’re offline or can share it with social circles. Whatever the reason, people want to download facebook videos from the most popular social search engine.

Let’s come back to our topic of how to download facebook videos on PC. There are lots of options, in order to save or download videos; you can use mobile apps or software for this purpose. But here we are going to share a very simple procedure; you can save your music, funny, romantic or any type of video you like from your favorite social media platform without any software or mobile application. You don’t need to install any software or smart phone application.

Step by Step Procedure to How to download FaceBook videos

Now, let’s jump to our main topic of article, you can use any online tool or browser extension. But for our tutorial we are going to use fb videos is very relievable and easy to use. Its interface is quite user friendly and easy to use. You can download hd,mp4 videos or in audio format from this tool.


You don’t need to be a pro user to use this site. Everyone can use it easily and smoothly without paying a penny. It is 100%l free too, to download your favorite video on your local computer or mobile phones.

Just simply copy the url of  your desired video, you want to download from facebook.

When you will click on video, copy url of video from left top corner of Brower’s window. As you can see in following screenshot.

Fb Video Downloader

Now , open fb videos downloads and paste url in box and click on blue download button. 

how to download facebook video

When you will click on it, it will takes few seconds to fetch data from face book server. After fetching the data successfully, it will show you different option.


As you can see different downloading options, MP4  LQ,MP4 HQ ,Audio Version and Mute Version.

Let briefly discuss them one by one, what is their purpose and which one is suitable for you.


If you choose this option, your video quality will be 640 px * 480 px ( 480P), relatively low quality as compared to HD. You can use this, if you want to play video on a mobile phone, this is quite good quality for small screen devices but not good for large screens such as tablets and PCs.


To download video in High quality, select this option. Its resolution quality is 720×480 , a good and high resolution  quality for large screens such as tablets, laptops and PCs.

Audio Version

Do you love music and like to listen to music in audio format? Try this option to download music in audio format.

Mute Version

In some cases users only want to download videos without audio. With similar requirements you can try this option.

Frequent Ask Question about Downloading video from facebook.

How does this tool download video from Facebook server?

When you put the url of video into the box and click on the button, fb videos downloads server send request to facebook server and Facebook server response back to fb videos downloads .And this tool extracts this result into different downloading format.

Why can't you download some videos?

Facebook allows video’s owners to set any video as private for their privacy concern. So if any video set is private, you can only watch this video and facebook don’t allow you to download it. In order to download private video, you can take permission from the owner of the video.

Is it secure?

Yes, 100% secure. We don’t store your personnel data into our server. So you can use this tool without any concern.

Can you download video during live streaming on facebook?

You can’t download videos during live streaming. To download them. you must wait until streaming finishes.

Where your downloaded videos store into your local memory?

You can find your downloaded data into your default download directory or folder.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step article. If you still have any issue or question about How to download FaceBook videos, write to us in the comment box. We will provide you instant help.